2020 is in 22 days. Mad. This year has been something, but I am grateful for everything I have learned this year. I have a lot of joy about 2020, because I be damned if I take the same path I did this year. I’m really excited, I could explode. My excitement isn’t just about my life, but my friends’ lives as well. The next decade will be a decade of so many memories, I honestly can’t wait. Plans are already in motion, the woman I’m becoming is one I will be very proud of.

I love that I get to press “reset” in life sometimes. Need to reset a few things in my life, and it’s so important to identify what doesn’t work for you, what needs to be adjusted, and what needs to be removed instantly. Grateful for the spirit of discernment, even though most times I ignore it🥴.

Anyway, I’m ready for beautiful beginnings next year. Can’t wait!



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